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Rollover of heavy good vehicles is a serious worldwide safety problem. Studies have shown that only a minority of rollover accidents can been avoided with a warning device, potentially more with a skilled driver, but approximately half of rollover accidents are not preventable by driver action alone. This highlights the need for an active safety system, such as an active roll control system consisting of active anti-roll bars and hydraulic actuators, which can significantly improve the roll stability of single unit and articulated heavy vehicles.


CVDC computer-controlled experimental vehicle [54 KB] Theses and reports

CVDC trailer active anti-roll bar [131 KB] Articles

CVDC tractor drive axle hydraulics [81 KB] Conference proceedings



CVDC computer-controlled experimental vehicle [82 KB] Bibliography

Download my PhD bibliography of over 100 references on heavy vehicle dynamics, active roll control, and control system design, as well as my bibliography on tyre modelling and rolling resistance of tyres (both in BiBTeX format).

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